Awesome List of Feedback Tools

Apps that help you to gather feedback from your users. Gain valuable insights and improve your services or products.

Get instant feedback from your readers with my simple zero-friction feedback tool. Privacy focus

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Gather customer feedback and multiply your online reviews from satisfied customers. On Google and any review site of your choice.

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Nolt is a beautiful, collaborative place for all your user requests – no more outdated spreadsheets or chaotic Trello boards. Give your customers a voice and gain priceless insights.

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Turn user feedback into actionable product optimizations!

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Give a voice to your users or easily conduct a live brainstorming sessions in less than 5 minutes.

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Feature Upvote

Centralise your feedback in one online board. Users add and upvote feedback directly. You quickly surface the most valuable product ideas.

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Minimalist tools to improve your customers' experience

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Everyone is talking about features – both customers and developers. But who’s listening? Hellonext bridges the gap between your day-to-day development activity and customer feedback.

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