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Getting Started | Installation | Setup

Spreadsheet2Site is a command-line application and can be used in two flavors. On your local machine via a command-line aka terminal A Netlify template to quickly set up a new site on Netlify. (Free Hosting) Installing the CLI Locally Download the executables and templates from the Netlify deploy template repository.. Easiest way is to download or checkout the whole repository. Executables: here and add it to your path variable or run from a local folder.

Last Update: 2021/04/09
Templates - How to Use and Customize

Spreadsheet2Site includes several pre-defined templates and offers the option to build custom templates to your liking. Template Folder Templates are stored in a template folder and the folder is set as a parameter: spreadsheet2site-osx build -sheet <sheetId> templates/ -output <output file or dir> In the example it’s the relative folder templates/. You can use any relative or absolute path. Selecting the Template in the Google Sheet The template filename without the file extension is the name of the template to put in the Google Sheet under siteinfo - template.

Last Update: 2021/04/09