Generate Beautiful List Sites From Your Data

Publish a Shop, Directory or Listing Site From a Google Sheet

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With spreadsheet2site, you can generate beautiful websites from your spreadsheet data.

  • Unlimited customization: you can build your own templates and have full control
  • No monthly fees: Just a single payment, and you can host your site anywhere (like for free on Netlify)
  • No vendor limitations: Just add new fields or templates or blocks as you desire. You have full control over your data and appearance.
  • Private Sheet: Your Sheet stays private and is only shared with our service user. No need to make it public like with other services.

spreadsheet2site is NOT yet another Saas in this space. It's not even a Saas anymore.

It's a self-hosted static site solution powered by a command-line application and a Netlify deploy template that makes it easy to start a new site by clicking a button. And hosting it for free on Netlify.

Yes, it's even straightforward for non-technical folks.

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make a copy of this sheet or use mine: 1iHXM2M6m2vksvQ8PpxZTg0ZsRyJL58f243do1I1c3IQ


Multi-page site completely build with Spreadsheet2Site. Custom templates.
Single page as part of an existing site and hosted in a subfolder. Custom template for projects.
Shop page as part of a larger site. Sells digital goods (audiobooks) via Customized template based on the shop template. Uses Tailwind CSS.
Demo site showcasing the listing template with Google Maps integration. Default listing template. Uses Bulma CSS:
Demo site showcasing the cards template with Google Maps integration. Default cards template. Uses Bulma CSS:
Demo shop page for selling digital goods. Integrates with or others via regular links. Default shop template. Uses Tailwind CSS.
A showcase of products made by IndieStack community members. Custom template based on the cards template. Uses Bulma CSS and theme from BulmaSwatch
An awesome list of feedback tools to get insights from your users. Custom template based on the cards template. Uses Bulma CSS and theme from BulmaSwatch
Hotel listing site. Custom template based on the defaults template. Uses Bulma CSS. Another hotel listing and a business listing based on the same theme.


Transparent prices - no subscriptions

Complete Package
Get the Application (OSX, Linux, Mac)
3 Base Templates (Listing, Cards, Shop)
Unlimited Sites
Easy Deploy to Netlify Template
Secure: Keep Your Sheets Private
Onetime Payment, No Monthly Costs
FREE Updates For a Year

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30 days refund (no Q/A)

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Concierge Service
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1 Site Setup on Netlify
1 Custom Template based on your HTML

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Contact me over email at or on twitter at @codeboje and I response asap


Spreadsheet2Site is run by Jens Boje. He loves simple solutions and recently fell in love with the great stuff people are building with spreadsheets at the core. Inspired by them, he created Spreadsheet2Site to share the love of spreadsheets.